Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Breakfast Time: Crisp Panfried Potatoes (Home Fries)

I always thought home fries would be more difficult to make; I'm not really sure why. Turns out, it's super easy.

You take a couple pounds of waxy potatoes (I halved it and just used a pound). You can peel them, but it's not necessary (I like them skin-on anyway, so it's a non-issue). Put some neutral oil in your pan, and when it's hot, add the potatoes and DO NOT MESS WITH THEM for ten minutes, until they start to darken and they release easily. If you try to move them too soon, they will stick. Trust me, but more importantly, trust Bittman.

After the ten minutes or so, just stir occasionally til you think they're done (depends how you like it, I guess, but I like mine pretty well done so it took another 15 minutes or so). Towards the end, Bittman says to turn the heat up a bit more to give them a little more crispness, which works nicely. Don't forget to salt them while they're still hot. I drained them out a bit on some paper towels and then made eggs in the oil still left in the pan.

This egg isn't a recipe from How to Cook Everything, but it looks delicious in this picture, doesn't it?


  1. Scotlan Ryan3/24/09, 12:43 PM

    all i can think about it you, me, and betty in martha's vineyard about ten years ago watching hours of food network. excellent form ben.

  2. You made home fries with me when you were in high school and you said the exact same thing. But the only TASTE like magic. They're deceptively easy. Drool...