Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shellfish Unleashed: Steamed Clams and Traditional Focaccia

I've done the steamed clams thing before, and it's becoming something that gets easier and tastes better every time.


In Bittman's recipe, you just sautee some shallots in olive oil, add the clams and some beer, white wine, or water. The clams do all the work from there, releasing their juices into the delicious broth until all of them are open. Then you're done. This time, I used wine instead of beer, and I added leeks and celery to the shallots. Although I think I like the dish better steamed in beer, I will say that I was drinking the broth from the serving bowl by the end of dinner. My guests were horrified and amused, respectively.

Another recipe that's become a new favorite is pizza dough. I've made pizza twice already, and I decided I'd try out the rosemary focaccia recipe, which is basically the same as the pizza dough, but you let it rise in a pan and drizzle it with olive oil, salt, and rosemary (some olives would work, too). Then you just bake it until it's golden brown. It's really good.


And Bittman says it freezes well--wrap the finished focaccia in plastic wrap, then a layer of tin foil, and then just reheat in the oven wrapped in another sheet of tin foil (after you remove the plastic wrap, of course).

Also, for no other reason than they were super cheap at Fairway, we enjoyed a pre-dinner snack of fresh green figs topped with a soft goat cheese.


Not something I necessarily got from Bittman, but I'm sure he'd approve.


  1. I thought it said "Steamed Hams", which is a favorite of mine.

    But, seriously clams and mussels are a great, inexpensive treat that can be flavored many different way. Plus, I tend to have the other ingredients onhand. I like to serve them as an appetizer before a seafood meal.

    Drinking the broth? I've done it, but dipping the bread to sop up the broth might be the classier move when people are watching.

  2. This sounds and looks like a wonderfully delicious meal. What do you think about serving the clams on top of pasta?

  3. I think pasta would be a much more graceful way to enjoy all the flavor in that broth. PS the frozen-and-reheated leftover focaccia was good as new.