Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lazy Monday Night: Sesame-Soy Five Minute Drizzle Sauce

So, I made that chicken stock over the weekend, and Monday night I was feeling lazy. Luckily I had the whole cut-up chicken left over from the stock. I was planning on making chicken salad, but I didn't have any of the ingredients for Bittman's chicken salad in the house and didn't want to go get any of them, and moreover: who eats chicken salad for dinner? I don't know who, but I do know they are probably sad.

After making the stock, leafing through HTCE looking for ideas for the leftover chicken, I came across one of Bittman's great templates: the Five Minute Drizzle Sauce. Heat some oil (or butter if you're feeling crazy), throw in some onions (just like a tablespoon or so), salt and pepper, and then some kind of vinegar or lemon juice. I settled on this sesame-soy version, giving it an Asian flavor by subbing sesame oil and soy sauce for the oil and vinegar, respectively. Microwaved the chicken, threw the sauce down on top of it, and made some rice to go along with it (ok, ok, the rice is a standard go-to recipe of mine that has nothing to do with Bittman. It's my mom's recipe, and I can do it with my eyes closed, and it was that kind of night. I like to think MB would approve of that sort of thing). Altogether, it was delicious, and even tastier for the time saved making it.

This drizzle sauce concept is huge. I call it a template because it's endlessly variable--much like a vinaigrette, you can switch out the oil or acid with any number of ingredients and probably not go too wrong. This would taste great on any kind of meat, seafood, or vegetable and the possibilities for ingredients and flavors are endless on top of the handful listed in HTCE.

I forgot to take pictures of this one. Like I said, I was lazy. I apologize.
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