Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crackers: It Works!

I didn't take any pictures or anything, because it's really not a part of the project, but over the weekend I made the recipe for Parmesan Cream Crackers from Bittman's last Minimalist column (check the video), and the bloggers were right about them: delicious, easy, super impressive. Lots of "you MADE these?!" comments. And it really only takes 20 minutes, baking time included.

Update: turns out these Parmesan Crackers are in HTCE, as I discovered last night. I can't believe I thought crackers wouldn't be in the book; they are anything, after all. I'll probably do it again because it was so easy, so I'll try to get some photos next time (some people have pointed out that the crackers I made this weekend don't count for the project, but these people were mostly my brother/roommate Jonathan who really just wants me to make them again so he can eat them). I think the best part of this realization is that I've now been thrust into baking without having to think about it. I'm afraid of baking, and I was planning to put it off for as long as possible. But this shit was easy!

Also, as far as I can tell, this means that Bittman comes up with ideas for the Minimalist column by picking up a copy of How to Cook Everything, choosing a recipe, punching up the intro, and sending it to his editor. How badass is that?

Flaky, Buttery, and Easy to Make [Bittman's Bitten blog]
Recipe: Parmesan Cream Crackers [nytimes]


  1. Wow, these really do look great-- both for their [apparent] tastiness and the ease of production. And, come to think of it, they'd probably go well with some carbonara (your pictures of that dish were making my mouth water.) I bet these crackers could work as a light desert, too, maybe with some butter and cinnamon sugar rather than cheese, and stuck in a bowl of gelato?

  2. I have a huge crush on Mark Bittman. : ) Just found your blog, I'am loving it, keep it up.

  3. Great job on the blog, Ben! Everything sounds delicious!

    Bittman made chocolate souffle on the Today Show this am. Call me when you decide to do that! Or when you do anything else with bacon. Or pasta. Or eggs. Whatever, don't be surprised if I show up at your house.....often.

    Your favorite Aunt Sue

  4. These crackers are fantastic with a glass of red wine. I cried when I ate the last one.